• Rotary Club of Los Angeles President's Message


    Recently, a coworker asked me how my weekend was. I told him it was exactly like my weekday. The days are already beginning to blend together, but we are hanging in there SAFE AT HOME. I hope you are, too.

    This new virtual reality doesn’t mean we can’t get together to accomplish some projects and have some fun along the way. The Scholarship Committee and the Children’s Court Committee are working to bring their respective programs to fruition. The Service Committee is identifying frontline service groups we can support and the Foundation Committee will continue its effort to raise dollars for future Community Grants which will undoubtedly be needed. Meanwhile, the LA5 Care Team is developing a calling tree, a club needs survey, and a job share program to assist the needs of our own members. These will all need a little time to come on board, but our club is taking action in this new reality and I am grateful for each member who is joyfully taking action.   Read More

  • Rotary Club of Los Angeles President's Message


    In my role at the University I attend daily COVID-19 briefings (offered virtually, by the way) with reports from government officials, physicians, and scientists. They are all saying the same thing: It is essential that we distance ourselves from one another and that we prepare to do so for a lengthy period.

    One of the most disappointing outcomes of this virus is the sudden distance I feel from my Rotary club. LA5 has become such an important part of my life. I find meaning in our work and I count each of you as a friend. As I have made phone calls to many of you, I have sensed that you feel much the same way.   Read More

  • A Letter from the President - LA5 & COVID-19

    by President Rick Gibson

    Thank you for your many expressions of support following the announcement of the postponement of Homecoming events. I share in your disappointment and I am committed to putting this event back on the calendar as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors are working to address the likely disruptions to club operations. In the short-term, we will cancel weekly Friday meetings through the end of March and then assess the situation.   Read More

  • Let’s Get to Business!

    By Lauren Schlau Photos by Tony Medley “Why did you join Rotary?” is a question we often ask one another.   Read More

  • Come To Life - Thomas Iland

    Almost all of us have in our lives some type of personal challenge and we try to work past them. Our December 6 breakfast speaker Thomas Iland was challenged by being diagnosed with autism at age 13. With highly supportive and caring parents, instead of this being an ending, Thomas and his family made this a beginning of a new path.    Read More

  • Music is Life - What is the Soundtrack of Your Life?

    Our featured October 25 speaker was our Rotary entertainment extraordinaire – Jeremy Wineglass. LA5 Rotarians attending our meetings are welcomed into the get luncheons by Jeremy’s melodies and his quick fun musical intros to speakers.   Read More

  • The Tournament of Roses

    It’s the granddaddy of them all – The Tournament of Roses (TOR), staged for the world right here in usually sunny Southern California each January 1 (unless it’s a Sunday). On September 20, LA5 breakfast attendees heard from TOR CEO David Eads about some behind the scenes challenges the organization faces in keeping the event relevant and exciting to its millions of worldwide viewers of both the iconic parade and the vaunted Rose Bowl football game.   Read More

  • Failure = Innovation!

    Who do you call for product design innovation? In the case of LA5, call Grant Delgatty, Associate Professor and Chair of Product Innovation in USC’s Iovine and Young Academy (IYA).   Read More

  • Members You Should Know: Jared Smith

    If you were present at the club meeting on May 31, then you witnessed history in the making - twice over - by one individual.   Read More

  • The Great LA5 Scholarship Day!

    The moment of great anticipation - Scholarship Day - for LA5 members and graduating L A seniors came this year on June 14. Held at the California Club the 100+ attendees included the 30 scholars, their parents, L A County District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Rotarians.   Read More