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  • Will COVID-19 Bring Us Together?

    With thanks to Matt Ball, Ann Romney attended our weekly ZOOM meeting last Friday and shared her powerful and personal story of suffering and overcoming fear. When I asked her if support for her work to find a cure for neurological diseases comes from all sides of the political spectrum, she said that it did. But she quickly acknowledged that it is hard to work together on anything when we are so divided. Her words that follow, ring true to me. Read More

  • LA5's Next 100 Years

    It was a big question. Too big, even. During last week’s First Five Zoom Chat, Rotary International President, Mark Maloney asked, “What does Rotary need to do to be successful in the next 100 years?” I began to fret as I prepared to answer the question. I can’t even imagine what Rotary should look like ten years from now. Instead of answering directly, I took the easy way out and shared three strategic themes that I think of enduring importance to Rotary’s future. Read More

  • What a Wonderful World

    Rotary meetings tend to be run with a fair amount of predictability. We begin with the traditions of an inspirational thought and a patriotic song and end with the recitation of the four way test. Typically, if a meeting ever “goes off the rails," it is not a good thing. Last week, however, our meeting broke that rule of thumb in a marvelous way. As we ended the meeting, I asked Jeremy Weinglass to play a tune... Read More

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