Rotarians in 200 countries and 33,700 clubs may differ in customs, but every member shares one thing in common: they were proposed for membership. 

The process to propose new members to LA5 is simple and brief. First, introduce your guest to Rotary by inviting them to attend a Friday lunch meeting or event. Be sure to introduce your guest to your Rotarian friends and Club leadership. 

If they express an interest in becoming a member of LA5, refer them to Executive Director Jon Gibby and Directors of Membership Susan Griego and Calvin Chan to follow up and explain the LA5 membership requirements and new member process. 

Next, the prospective member will be asked to complete an application for membership and will be required to have one Rotarian Sponsor and two Rotarian Seconders within LA5. All applicants need a sponsor and two seconders whom they have met and have spent time with them.

Then, the candidate's application is reviewed by a member of the Club's Membership Approval Committee who will telephone the candidate and sponsoring Rotarians. The Membership Approval Committee votes and the applicant names are then presented to the Board of Directors for approval. And, lastly, the applicant receives the news.

Complete Membership Application

Complete Associate Membership Application (Available to Rotarians Up to Age 35)