President's Message

  • Will COVID-19 Bring Us Together?

    A message from the President

    With thanks to Matt Ball, Ann Romney attended our weekly ZOOM meeting last Friday and shared her powerful and personal story of suffering and overcoming fear. When I asked her if support for her work to find a cure for neurological diseases comes from all sides of the political spectrum, she said that it did. But she quickly acknowledged that it is hard to work together on anything when we are so divided. Her words that follow, ring true to me.   Read More

  • What a Wonderful World

    A message from the President

    Rotary meetings tend to be run with a fair amount of predictability. We begin with the traditions of an inspirational thought and a patriotic song and end with the recitation of the four way test. Typically, if a meeting ever “goes off the rails," it is not a good thing. Last week, however, our meeting broke that rule of thumb in a marvelous way.

    As we ended the meeting, I asked Jeremy Weinglass to play a tune...   Read More

  • Rotarians Rise

    A message from the President

    In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the Los Angeles area, the Rotary Club of Los Angeles Foundation has committed $50,000 to support a project to aid frontline healthcare service providers in the fight against the coronavirus.   Read More

  • Rotary's Global Response to COVID-19

    A Message from the President

    During last Friday’s meeting, Walker Railey shared some encouraging news from Rotary International. Though the International Convention has been cancelled and Rotary travel largely suspended, Rotarians around the world are finding new opportunities to serve during this global pandemic.

    District 2080 in Italy bought ventilators & protective gear for medics and raised $21,000 for protective masks in China. Another district in Italy purchased 400 PPEs for frontline care providers at a Milan hospital. The Rotary Club of Hong Kong took...   Read More

  • Your Rotary Club at Work

    A Message from the President: COVID-19

    In the midst of a crisis that is demanding we put our lives on hold, our club is taking action to prepare for the future needs of our city as a result of COVID-19.   Read More

  • A Message from the President: Inspired Teachings

    Dr. Wayne Strom

    Dr. Wayne Strom was a brilliant organizational behavior scholar. He understood that businesses, clubs, churches, and schools were human endeavors and subject to the passion or apathy, strengths, failures, personalities, insecurities and confidences of every member of the organization. He taught me that organizations were living, breathing things and should be thought of that way first because there is nothing in the universe more powerful than a shared vision of the future.   Read More

  • Ways to Contribute in the Time of Coronavirus Helping our Homeless Neighbors


    Includes local groups helping with food, children, hand washing, shelters, the Mayor's Fund, past Fast5 recipients and Rotary partners.   Read More

  • Rotary Club of Los Angeles President's Message


    Recently, a coworker asked me how my weekend was. I told him it was exactly like my weekday. The days are already beginning to blend together, but we are hanging in there SAFE AT HOME. I hope you are, too.

    This new virtual reality doesn’t mean we can’t get together to accomplish some projects and have some fun along the way. The Scholarship Committee and the Children’s Court Committee are working to bring their respective programs to fruition. The Service Committee is identifying frontline service groups we can support and the Foundation Committee will continue its effort to raise dollars for future Community Grants which will undoubtedly be needed. Meanwhile, the LA5 Care Team is developing a calling tree, a club needs survey, and a job share program to assist the needs of our own members. These will all need a little time to come on board, but our club is taking action in this new reality and I am grateful for each member who is joyfully taking action.   Read More

  • Rotary Club of Los Angeles President's Message


    In my role at the University I attend daily COVID-19 briefings (offered virtually, by the way) with reports from government officials, physicians, and scientists. They are all saying the same thing: It is essential that we distance ourselves from one another and that we prepare to do so for a lengthy period.

    One of the most disappointing outcomes of this virus is the sudden distance I feel from my Rotary club. LA5 has become such an important part of my life. I find meaning in our work and I count each of you as a friend. As I have made phone calls to many of you, I have sensed that you feel much the same way.   Read More