• Rotary and ShelterBox Partner to Assist Victims of Central Italy's Earthquakes

    We watched in horror as we saw the first images of the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that struck central Italy on August 24, killing an estimated 290 people and trapping an unknown number beneath rubble.   Read More

  • LA5 Sends Delegation to Berlin to Kick Off 50 Year Anniversary as Sister Cities

    Los Angeles Rotary Club, LA5, the 5th oldest Rotary Club in the world, sends a delegation to Berlin to kick off 50 year anniversary as sister city.  Bearing celebratory proclamations from Mayor Garcetti and the entire LA Council the LA5 delegation will be hosted by Berlin’s Mayor and also meet with the U.   Read More

  • Camp Paivika's Carnival Day!

    Climbing up to Camp Paivika was a great adventure. Camp Paivika is in the San Bernardino National Forest. In other words, for a guy in LA, it’s a great drive up into the mountains, especially on a nice summer day.   Read More

  • Paving the Way for a Greener L.A.

    It is safe to say that Art Leahy is a self-made man. Currently the CEO of Metrolink, Art Leahy worked as a bus conductor for three years then made his way to the top on the Metro ladder. His experience with the
    community is tangible. His goals align   Read More

  • Imagine Rotary

    Think of a black mouse... with a pair of white gloves... dressed in red shorts with two buttons. This well dressed rodent is Mickey Mouse, a character imagined by Walt Disney in 1928. We all know the power that comes the Mickey Mouse, or rather from the   Read More

  • For Your Consideration: Your Friendly Tax Collector, Chairwoman Fiona Ma, CPA

    It’s always interesting to hear the journey of someone called into public service. Often times, it’s a bumpy road, filled with swarthy opponents or natural disasters. For Chairwoman Fiona Ma, CPA, from the State Board of Equalization (SBOE), the biggest   Read More

  • Finding Common Ground: Mayor Garcetti's Call to Rotarians

    It was a great day at LA5 for President Todd’s inaugural meeting. Long a friend of LA5, we were honored to have Mayor Eric Garcetti attend as our keynote speaker.   Read More

  • The Language of Rotary

    세계에서 좋은 일을 (Doing Good in the World)

    LA5 member, Herb McGurk, spent the last eight years selling real estate in Koreatown; so he knew enough of the local language to get by. He also knew that his Korean vocabulary was far too limited to spend a week in Seoul, Korea at the Rotary International Convention; so he subscribed to a Pimsleur language program to learn Korean right after he registered for the July event.   Read More

  • The Longest Goodbye

    Billowing clouds of steam whisked with eye-watering, thick, black smoke. Harmonious chugging of a locomotive. Yells of “All aboard!”, an engineer struggling to throw coal from the tender, shrill squeaking of brakes, and Dinah blowing his horn.   Read More

  • LA Rotary Club Scores Big with Ability First Bowling Tournament

    Jonas and Brandon were focused and deadly serious. While laughter and cheers filled AMF Montebello Lanes early on a March Saturday morning, there was a cold silence on lane 31.   Read More