• Arnie Berghoff Discusses the Life of a Lobbyist

    ​On November 4th, 2016, the LA5 Rotary club welcomed Arnie Berghoff who was able to discuss the life of a lobbyist.    Read More

  • Creating a Blueprint for the Future of LA5

    Over fifty LA5 Rotarians gathered at Pepperdine University on October 22 to participate in a strategic workshop about the future of our club. The workshop, led by the Trinity Consulting Group, a student strategy team from Pepperdine, allowed LA5 Rotarians to express concerns over the current state of our club as well as an opportunity articulate a vision for its future.   Read More

  • Homelessness Panel

    On October 14th, 2016, the LA5 Rotary Club welcomed three recognized speakers that are doing everything they can to fight homelessness: Meg Barclay, Suzanne Wenzel, and Phil Ansel.   Read More

  • Father Michael Lapsley

    Last Friday, our fellow Rotarians were visited by a very special guest. Father Michael Lapsley, founder and director of the Institution for Healing of Memories spoke about his life, Rotary, and homelessness. Father Michael Lapsley is no stranger to Rotary. In fact, in 1967 he was introduced to a Rotary club that helped pay for his airfare to Australia so he could become a priest.   Read More

  • LA River & the Homeless 

    Carol Armstrong

    Many homeless inhabit the area surrounding and within the LA River. The LA river generally conjures images of concrete ditches and flooding. One part where it is lacking heavily is in terms of its green spaces and biodiversity.   Read More

  • Empowering the Homeless

    Robert Egger & Charles Evans

    Rotary Club Meeting September 9th 2016 Empowering the homelessAt this meeting, we remind ourselves to empower those less fortunate than us in the hopes that one day they will be able to pay such kindness forward.   Read More

  • Interfaith Panel

    At this meeting, we remember and honor the recent passing of former LA5 president Bill Plunkett.   Read More

  • Mr. Downtown’s Vision for Los Angeles

    Hal Bastian, or Mr. Downtown L. A., is known for bringing life to the city of Los Angeles. After converting empty offices and unused spaces into hotels and condominiums, Hal partnered with companies, like Whole Foods and Target, and brought life and busi   Read More

  • President Todd Declares Friday, August 26, 2016 "Lieutenant General Stayce Harris Day"

    In honor of LA5 member Stayce Harris' promotion by President Obama to Lieutenant General, the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff and Director of the Air Staff for the United States Air Force and becoming the first female African-American to ever acheive the   Read More

  • From Wasteland to Renaissance

    There was a time when there was nothing downtown. After finishing business, most people would go their separate ways back home. Javier Cano recalls this distant memory before presenting the city of today. Now sixty thousand people now live in downtown Los Angeles alongside the residents of hotels.   Read More