• LA Youth Network

    Paul Harris Fast5 Site Visits

    LA5's visit to the LA Youth Network went very well! Each Rotarian was impressed by the dedication that the staff demonstrated in helping kids (ranging from ages 12 to 24) with their education, working out their problems, reconnecting with family or a relative, or finding jobs that make them feel good about themselves.   Read More

  • United Friends of the Children

    Paul Harris Fast5 Visits

    Recently seven LA5 Rotarians (Vien, Adam, Ana, John, Bo, Jose, Lauren) and prospective LA5 member Tiffany Rollins attended Paul Harris Luncheon hosted by United Friends of the Children (UFC).   Read More

  • A Place Called Home

    Paul Harris Fast5 Site Visits

    On March 9, 2018, the Los Angeles 5 Rotary did not have one if it’s regular spirited, patriotic, and grand Friday luncheons at the California Club.   Read More

  • LA5 Rotary at Hazard Park

    That Saturday, March 10, dawned cool and overcast, with rain threatening, not exactly our storied sunny California weather.  But braving the elements a group of hearty souls of varied ages cultures and organizations convened at Hazard Park in East LA to muddy our hands and shoes to plant some trees.   Read More

  • In Memoriam: Alvin Rudisill

    It is with great sadness to announce the passing of my step-father and 27-year member of LA5, Alvin “Al” Rudisill. He passed away on February 21 at the age of 89.   Read More

  • LAFlies at FlightSafety and GulfStream

    On February 24th a group from the LA5 had the opportunity to peak behind the curtain to see the front office of a corporate jet. Upon first glance, you’re met with an array of lights, dials, buttons, computer screens and you wonder how does a pilot make sense of all this and get us safely from point A to point B.   Read More

  • The State of the Club 2018

    ​LA5 kicked off 2018 with our second annual State of the Club members only meeting. Highlights of the club’s operations were presented in areas of membership, finance and the foundation.   Read More

  • Pageant of the Arts Program Notes

    Rotary's District 5280 Pageant of the Arts Program ...chaired by our very own Lance Miller, President of Lance Miller Speaking ... provides our local high school students the opportunity to display their talents and compete with other students for recognition and monetary prizes.   Read More

  • Rotarians Are Making A Difference In Our Community

    Eight years ago the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office asked Rotary Club of Los Angeles (“LA 5”) for volunteers to staff a holiday toy giveaway in South Central LA.   Read More

  • Philip (Phil) V. Swan, 68th President of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles, 1976-1977

    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our 68th President of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles our fellow Rotarian and friend Philip (Phil) V. Phil was 88 and passed away on December 7, 2017 after a two year "battle" with Alzheimer's disease.   Read More