• Getting to the Essence

    On Friday July 13 the first meeting Rotary LA5’s 110th year began with a bang – that is, the bang of the gavel marking the tenure of Erick Weiss, our new President. The meeting began with an inspiring song by Laura Dickenson backed-up with a talented dance troop from Erick’s long time business colleague and friend, Doug Johnson of Entertainment Plus Productions, and sponsored by Rotary 5 members Michael Hart, Joshua Mandel and Ben Harati.   Read More

  • The Demotion of a Rotary President

    For a moment, it felt like a routine meeting. On June 22, as she has done for over 40 meetings, President Charisse Older took to the dais to call the meeting to order. She rang the bell that calls us together then glanced at her notes. When she raised her eyes from the paper she was greeted by a heartfelt standing ovation. And so began the demotion of the 109th president of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles.   Read More

  • Scholarship Day Meeting Recap

    One of Rotary’s most anticipated and inspiring meeting is Scholarship Day, held this year on June 15 at the California Club.   Read More

  • LA5 Wine Tasting

    "Que Syrah Syrah, whatever will be will be...Better with wine! We finally allowed our senses to be enlivened at our June 16th, Rotary wine tasting experience at the home of our Fellow Rotarian Tony Medley in Hancock Park.   Read More

  • LA5's First Media Partner

    LA5 Partners with Publisher Modern Luxury

    The Rotary Club of Los Angeles is pleased to announce that publisher Modern Luxury has become the first media partner of LA5.   Read More

  • Dinosaurs And More

    Dr. Lori Bettison, President & CEO of NHM presents to LA5

    What is bigger than the biggest dinosaur relic, travels all over the Los Angeles region and has an audience of 1.3 million?  It is the one and only Natural History Museum (NHM) of Los Angeles County, frankly a community treasure!   Read More

  • LA5 Awards $70,000 in community grant funding to five non-profit organizations

      Read More

  • Rotarians in Columbia

    Margaret Karen represents LA5 & District 5280

    Among the 140 Rotarians who went to Columbia on our District 5280 Rotary International Annual Humanitarian Trip this past March was LA5 member Margaret Karen.   Read More

  • Children's Institute Inc.

    Paul Harris Fast5 Site Visits

    A number of LA5ers had a great visit to Children’s Institute Inc.   Read More

  • LA Conservation Corps

    Paul Harris Fast5 Site Visits

    On March 9th, PP's Don Crocker, Alan Bernstein and Dave Meshulan joined Lance Miller, Brad Turner, Elizabeth Skarzat and Margaret Karran at Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Wendy Butts, CEO, and Ericka Blodgett, Development Director, hosted the group at their Saito High School site.   Read More