• The Great LA5 Scholarship Day!

    The moment of great anticipation - Scholarship Day - for LA5 members and graduating L A seniors came this year on June 14. Held at the California Club the 100+ attendees included the 30 scholars, their parents, L A County District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Rotarians.   Read More

  • The Committee

    As we often say in non-profit organizations, and Rotary is no exception, to truly get the most out of membership is to join and get involved on a committee. This message was taken to heart this past year by LA5s exemplary Marketing Committee, ably Chaired by Heather Shuemaker, along with incoming chair Malinda Monterrosa, Paul Ekstrand, Chrissy Moses, Michael Stevens Rico Montanez, and Lauren Schlau.   Read More

  • Boys to Men in Uganda

    Laine Wagenseller at Bringing Hope to the Family

    What do you, I, any of us do when the situation calls for involvement? For LA5 member Laine Wagenseller that question was easily answered by: showing up getting involved and caring.   Read More

  • Rotary At The Ready

    It was fast and there were five at the LA5 annual Fast Five meeting. Following months of applications, reviews, Paul Harris lunches and the process of elimination, April 26 loomed large. First, which would be the five finalists and then, how much support would they garner from Rotary? All told our club stepped up to provide $60,000 to help these organizations, dedicated to aiding homeless youth, continue their good and important work.   Read More

  • Where Water Flows

    Calling for Clean, Safe, Reliable, Water for All

    “When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and mothers can spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families.”—Rotary International. The problem of access to clean water seemed to be one that was thousands of miles away from me.   Read More

  • LA5 Rotarian, John Green Newly Appointed Executive Director, LA5 Rotary 

    By Erick Weiss, President, LA5

    The affable demeanor, the thoughtful way he listens, the wry smile signifying that whatever is coming will be delightful, the pause before a reply, the deferential respect given to everyone, the kindness, the clarity and the wisdom are just a few of the characteristics of a true gem at Rotary LA5; our new volunteer Executive Director, John Green.   Read More

  • Rotary Poker Recap

    Staying Alive at LA5 - Hold 'Em Style

    March 30th, 2019, the hottest day of the year to date. The Dodgers had just opened the season by blasting 8 home runs and were playing just around the corner. But the hottest ticket in town was a seat in the LA5 “Stay Alive” Poker Tournament.   Read More

  • A Small World Rotary Story

    Three Rotarians separately go to a restaurant in Truckee, California's historic mountain town near Lake Tahoe. One of them was me from LA5 on my way for dinner and glass of wine at the bar where I prefer to eat when I’m on business.   Read More

  • Spring is Rotary Scholarship Time!

    The conference table at St. Vincent de Paul meeting room was filled even before the 9am start time for the LA5 Scholarship Committee. As the picture shows, the 21 members are a diverse group, each bringing our own background, experience and passion to the task at hand.   Read More

  • The Terry and Matt Show at Rotary!

    Rotary met on Friday March 22 at the California Club expecting a presentation from Terry Press, President of CBS Films. In that capacity she oversees creative, distribution, marketing and physical production for CBS Films   Read More