"Let Music Ring"

Chair: Liz Reno

LA5 adopts worthy youth-oriented projects that it supports with a multiple-year commitment, serving as a leading financial sponsor and offering significant membership involvement. These projects are typically selected because the club believes that its participation could lead to more wide-spread community awareness and support for a very worthy endeavor. LA5 currently sponsors these major projects: Rotary Eye Rescue, Let Music Ring, and Children's Court. Past major projects have included: The California State Science Fair, Reading By 9, The Wheelchair Foundation International, Rotary Trails in Ernest E. Debs Park, and D.A.R.E.

LA5's newest major project provides music education and appreciation to 500 students in John Adams Middle School, and is a joint venture with the Pasadena Pops Orchestra. Study after study has proven that music education helps students score better in all academic areas, especially math and science. Yet money to offer classes in music and the arts has become increasingly scarce.

At John Adams, funding for music education was nonexistent. Nearly all of the 2,400 students attending this year-round school qualify for public assistance and come from families that are deemed well below "the poverty line." The campus is in a high crime / high-density area located just south of downtown Los Angeles. In most cases, this music program will be the first introduction to classical music and music education that these students have experienced.

Pasadena Pops Maestra Rachael Worby has created a special curriculum exposing these 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to the different sections of the orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Professional musicians who are members of the Pasadena Pops Orchestra join her at the school to demonstrate sounds and texture with their instruments. The program is designed to follow the same group of students throughout their middle school years, and will offer in-school performances, lectures in music appreciation, and hands-on training. The Rotary Club of Los Angeles is supporting this innovative program with $150,000 in funding, and anticipates this program will garner support in other schools leading to the rejuvenation of a music curriculum in our schools.


Major Project Chair Liz Reno,Pasadena Pops Maestra Rachael Worby, and LA5 President Janet Lindstrom celebrate the launch of "Let Music Ring", presenting a $150,000 check to the Pasadena Pops Orchestra for this innovativemusic appreciation program at John Adams Middle School.

music students

Pasadena Pops Maestra Rachael Worby, assisted by members of the Pasadena Pops Orchestra, explains the differences in string instruments to John Adams Middle School students.