St. Vincent de Paul

Program Name

Skid Row Homeless Program

Program Site

Main Facility:  210 N. Ave. 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Cardinal Manning Center:  231 Winston St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

Why St. Vincent de Paul?

Since opening its doors in 1955, SVDPA's Cardinal Manning Center (CMC) has been one of the largest providers of assistance to the homeless of Los Angeles' Skid Row. The CMC's emergency and transitional shelters provide a safe and supportive environment for this population. 65 clients are served in the residential program, and over 110 individuals seek drop-in day services each day. The CMC services extend through the basics (food, shelter, clothing, showers) to a wide range of specialized resources that are intended to address each client's long-term challenges. By providing case management services, for example, the CMC seeks to meet not only the immediate housing needs of clients, but also to assist with long-term solutions to their challenges. Because this population experiences a high rate of mental illness (29%) and substance abuse (24%), case management seeks to address these needs through mental health support programs and referrals to appropriate agencies. Additionally, our programs provide employment training and placement linkages, and budgeting for clients to give individuals the tools they need to build sustainable, independent lives. The assistance even includes move-in kits of furnishings and household items to ease the transition to permanent housing. The drop-in center provides a place for individuals to freely socialize, to build support, and to exchange ideas with their peers. The computer room is open to all men and women on Skid Row. It provides a place not only for clients to keep contact with family and friends through email but also to build resumes and to search for jobs and housing. One aspect of the CMC emergency and transitional shelter is the Men’s Advancement Program, which affords those that are re-entering the workforce to have a stable and safe place from where they can live, and save money towards obtaining permanent housing.   SVDPLA's overall goal for the program is to provide services to as many homeless individuals as possible, with a particular focus on obtaining and sustaining permanent housing. During fiscal year 2014-15, CMC provided shelter to over 120 unique individuals, 64 of whom moved into permanent, affordable housing. In any one year, the CMC serves approximately 300 unduplicated individuals in our shelter and drop-in services. During this funding period, the main objectives will be:

  • to help 80 clients move into permanent housing;
  •  increase the number of unduplicated individuals using drop-in center by 20% (30 unduplicated persons per day); and
  • Expand CMC alumni program through increased support to insure alumni remain housed. At least 80% of permanently housed clients will retain their housing for a year.

About St. Vincent de Paul

Founded in 1908, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles targets the needs of children and families living in poverty, the homeless, and the displaced and disenfranchised in the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. SVDPLA is part of a global Catholic organization founded in 1833 with more than 1,000,000 members in 149 countries with the collective vision of “ending poverty through systemic change.” Society members seek out the forgotten, the suffering, or the deprived and commit works of charity to support them. Our mission is to promote the dignity of the individual, alleviate suffering and distress, and improve negative societal influences that cause such conditions. SVDPLA programs are provided free of charge regardless of religion, race, gender, handicap, or national origin. Last year alone, SVDPLA served more than 320,000 clients through its programs, which include an emergency and transitional housing facility for homeless men; permanent supportive and transitional housing for homeless families with children; year-round case management program for the chronically homeless in Ventura County; a widespread donation collection operation and thrift store, which provides affordable goods to the low income population and distributes items free of charge to those in extreme need; a resettlement program for recent parolees; a summer empowerment camp for disadvantaged youth; a learning center for low-income families in Lincoln Heights; and 142 local assemblies of community volunteers that provide direct assistance to individuals and families in crisis. 



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