Shelter Partnership

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Shelter Partnership

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Administrative HQ:  520 Grand Ave., Suite 695 Los Angeles, CA 90071

Warehouse:  Bell, CA 

Why Shelter Partnership?

Shelter Partnership approaches the issue of homelessness with a collaborative mindset and a focus on systems change and improvement. This is evidenced through groundbreaking program design, informative policy analysis, and our highly successful, award-winning resource distribution program. Our work supports hundreds of frontline agencies and homeless service providers by ensuring they have the resources, knowledge, and partnerships needed to fulfill their missions. Shelter Partnership is the only organization in Los Angeles County that holistically addresses the causes of homelessness as well as the needs of community organizations working to end homelessness. Our technical assistance team works closely with city, county and state governmental agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders to remain well informed of the landscape of homelessness in Los Angeles. This combined with decades of housing policy and homelessness expertise allows us to effectively assess current policies, develop and design new programs, and advise and guide homeless service providers on best practices and accessing funding opportunities.  Our S. Mark Taper Foundation Shelter Resource Bank is one of the largest distributors of basic needs items in the nation having distributed $212 million in new goods since its founding in 1989, and $9 million in our most recent Fiscal Year from 60 donors. We receive donations of new goods, such as clothing and shoes (not used items which are frequently donated to shelters); toys; baby products such as high chairs; personal hygiene projects such as shampoo, soap, dental products, and deodorant; paper products such as toilet paper, facial tissue and diapers; office supplies; cleaning supplies; laundry detergent; furniture; bed frames and mattresses; blankets and more. The donors are corporations, manufacturers, retailers and other entities that have these goods. Some are overruns; some are discontinued products, some out of season. Sometimes the donor just has extra merchandise to share. At times/occasionally we will receive a few boxes; other times dozens of pallets or several semi-truckloads of the items.  Approved agencies have submitted information on their services to us, we have conducted a site visit and they have agreed to only distribute the products to persons in poverty and not to resell our products. 

About Shelter Partnership

Since its founding in 1985, Shelter Partnership has been a leader in the fight to end homelessness in Los Angeles County. Dedicated to increasing the housing opportunities and resources available to homeless families and individuals as well as to those who are in extreme poverty, Shelter Partnership accomplishes its mission through the following activities:

  • providing technical assistance to community-based organizations and public agencies (helping these agencies to be awarded more than $1 billion in federal funds in the past 25 years);
  •  conducting research and publishing analytical studies to inform public policy;
  • promoting community education and advocating for additional funding resources and systemic change; and
  • operating the S. Mark Taper Foundation Shelter Resource Bank, soliciting large-scale donations of merchandise and ensuring that these items are delivered to homeless people and agencies who need them.

Shelter Partnership was established in response to a community planning process that identified the need for a new agency to help develop housing and resources for the growing number of homeless people who were rapidly becoming more visible in our communities. Since its founding, Shelter Partnership has been driven by its recognition that the problem of homelessness is a complex social issue. Effectively addressing the crisis requires taking action in two arenas simultaneously. One is the highly technical and policy-oriented arena of affordable housing, which requires knowledge of regulations, legislation, and how to access public and private funds. The other arena entails designing supportive services programs that help homeless and potentially homeless persons make a lasting transition to independence and stability. While hundreds of frontline social service providers work daily to meet the needs of the estimated 47,000 persons who are homeless each night in Los Angeles County, only one organization exists to serve those frontline agencies and to ensure that they receive all the support they need to realize their missions – Shelter Partnership. Shelter Partnership has received a 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator.


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