Homeless Health Care Los Angeles

Program Name 

Housing for Health

Program Site

Main Office: 2330 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057

Center for Harm Reduction:  512 East 4th St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

Why Homeless Health Care?

HHCLA is unlike any other agency. It works with the most vulnerable - those that are the sickest, hardest to reach, seriously ill, have multiple disorders, mental health conditions, substance use problems, and physical health problems. These are the most vulnerable people who have difficulty accessing any resources. Since day one, this is the population HHCLA has worked with. HHCLA has reached out to that population and are able to integrate their services where they can offer an individual who has all of these vulnerable circumstances help under one roof. This makes HHCLA unlike any other organization in Los Angeles; they are able to bring housing, health, mental health and substance use services to those that need them. In fact, every single one of HHCLA’s programs work with the most vulnerable population. For the purposes of this application, two programs (housing and overdose prevention) will be highlighted because HHCLA’s goal is very simple: to keep people alive. Simply put, HHCLA recognizes that unless it offers all of the services under one roof in a comprehensive manner, it is challenging to engage vulnerable individuals who really need the support. HHCLA is committed to doing whatever is necessary to help individuals experiencing homelessness secure housing and stay housed.  HHCLA seeks to improve clients’ quality of life, which is instrumental in reducing the impact of homelessness in Los Angeles County. Roughly 50% entering the program remain active for over four months; 25% six months to one year; 40% are able to find employment within the course of their treatment; about 90% who are active in treatment participate in job training, employment or job preparation activities weekly; and 100% receive health care, behavioral health care, substance use screening and assessment, emergency housing, food, and/or transportation resources. Additionally, HHCLA placed over 90 chronically homeless individuals in permanent housing with a 94% housing retention rate in 2015.

About Homeless Health Care Los Angeles

Homeless Health Care Los Angeles (HHCLA) is a non-profit community-based organization founded in 1985. The organization's mission is to provide innovative strategies to reduce the impact of homelessness in the communities of Los Angeles. HHCLA is dedicated to responding to the increasingly complicated health care issues of the Los Angeles area homeless and vulnerable populations. HHCLA does whatever is necessary to help unhoused individuals secure housing and to stay housed. All programing is based on the principles of Harm Reduction and creating a Trauma-Informed Care environment, where participants are treated with respect, no judgment, and recognized as the primary leader in improving their quality of life. By providing a full suite of services for participants— such as behavioral healthcare, health services, housing, syringe exchange, overdose prevention, and an array of supportive services, HHCLA seeks to reduce the impact of homelessness in LA County. Since 1985, over 150,000 homeless men, women, and children have received services from HHCLA leading toward an improved quality of life and recovery from health, mental health and substance use issues.​



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