Tree Planting with the Dodgers

Sycamore Grove Park
4702 N. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Tree Planting with the Dodgers

Join the Dodgers and LA School Children in planting 55 trees in Sycamore Grove Park (7 slots available - email Elizabeth at

Tree Planting Challenge

Help LA5 meet RI's challenge to plant one tree per member! All over the world, Rotary Clubs are meeting the challenge to plant over 1.2 million trees. In LA, this mission is extremely important because we have lost thousands of park trees due to drought and expect to loose up to half of our street trees in the next 40 years due to age. We must start planting now. LA5 is stepping up by planting 250 trees with City Plants.

LA expects to lose 33-50% of its street trees in the next 40 years, so it's important that we plant now, whether it's in our yards or by signing up for street trees. 

City Plants invites Rotarians living in the City of Los Angeles to sign up for trees one of two ways:

  1. Street Trees Planted in Front of Their Homes
  2. Yard Trees Delivered to their Homes

Learn more about Rotary International's Tree Planting Initiative