POSTPONED - Rotary Peace Conversation Facilitation

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The California Club
538 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

POSTPONED - Rotary Peace Conversation Facilitation

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As part of Rotary’s expanded Peace Initiative, our District recently joined forces with Mediators Beyond Borders Inc. (MBBI) to train Rotarians in facilitating peaceful conversations.  These are perhaps difficult but often necessary conversations held in a safe environment where people can voice their viewpoints and others listen intently with the outcome of hearing and respecting one another, not necessarily for all to agree or to reach solutions.   

Breakfast Meeting

Peace Conversation Facilitation Program (PCF) is a key initiative designed for Rotarians to engage in positive peace within their own clubs and communities through facilitated conversations and dialogue. 

In the 3-month program, Rotarians with varying levels of experience are trained to become PCF Facilitators and Coaches.  These teams assist clubs in holding ‘Peace Conversations’ which are small groups, facilitated discussions typically on a difficult subject. Eg. Interfaith Conflict, LGTBQ Rights, Human Trafficking or discussing Club Vision.   Some clubs have even invited the larger community to engage in these Peace Conversations.


Rotary Clubs as Hubs for Peace Locally, Globally.


Utilize existing networks, resources, and partnerships to build conflict literacy and dialogue skills of Rotarians at all levels to become more effective peacebuilders within their own Clubs, Districts and Communities.

Theory of Change

Peace Fellow, Scott Martin, facilitates a discussion at the RI Convention in Atlanta

Technology and global migration are bringing people together at an ever-increasing rate- equally increasing the opportunity for destructive conflict. The role of local communities in promoting positive peace has become paramount. There are Rotary Clubs within communities currently experiencing such conflict, but last several years have shown that all communities are susceptible (eg Ferguson, Paris, Charlottesville…)

Peace starts from within. Rotarians with the skills to engage more meaningfully in difficult conversations within their own clubs can engage in dialogue within the larger communities they serve. Connected communities able to engage in consistent, meaningful dialogue are more resilient to division, social crisis, and violence. Conversation facilitation is a skill that can be taught and practiced by individuals from all levels of experience and backgrounds.We will sit at our tables and discuss the topic of diversity – the pros and cons - with District facilitators helping move the conversation.  We invite you to take part in this session to voice your views and be heard!