David R. Preston, Ph.D. Open-Source Learning

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The California Club
538 Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

David R. Preston, Ph.D. Open-Source Learning

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David R. Preston, Ph.D. is an educator, speaker, writer, and management consultant who has helped organizations develop and taught university and K-12 courses for 27 years. David has shared his model of Open-Source Learning with audiences at the Institute for the Future, TEDxUCLA, the Connected Learning Summit at M.I.T., the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Learning & Media Conference, the O'Reilly Open Source Conference, and the Royal Geographical Society in London, among others. You can connect with David via his website.


Learning is the unseen driving force behind every knowledge transfer practice in business. The success of processes such as team building, strategic planning, branding, client development, succession planning, conflict management, and training depend on active engagement, everyone's ability to get on the same page and understand complex, abstract ideas, and implement action plans that make tomorrow fundamentally different than today. The challenges are familiar: How can we enhance the learning experience so that it's personally relevant and galvanizes stakeholders to action? How can we tell what our people understand, and how can we curate the value of that knowledge to attract clients, retain talent, and strengthen a successful brand over time?  The answer is Open-Source Learning. Participants in this talk will come away with a model and tools they can use immediately to create value for employees, clients, and prospects, and amplify the culture of their organizations in ways that are visible and understandable to all.