Anthony Phills - Visual Storyteller, Author, Designer

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California Club
538 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Anthony Phills - Visual Storyteller, Author, Designer

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Innovation Turns Intentions Into Reality

Exciting, new and innovative information can reach your senses on five different levels...sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. On September 21, 2018 at 11:30 AM Guest Speaker, Anthony Phills, will motivate you. Anthony’s private visions continually explore, reach and enhance a broad spectrum of businesses. In today’s fast paced economy there are a myriad of solutions or combination of interrelated applications that can be used to yield increased product awareness and market share. Are you looking to take your brand to a new level? Anthony’s treatment of solutions will spur your imagination and make you think…how can I further develop my business brand? You want a front row seat at the September 21st Los Angeles Rotary Club meeting now.

Anthony Phills is a true “Renaissance Man”. A designer for celebrities and movie studios, a magazine publisher, speaker, author and now the inventor of “Binge Publishing” a Multi Platform Interactive (MPI™) he hopes will revolutionize publishing. Anthony was named LUX Magazine’s 2018 Full Stack Designer with all the accolades that come with this distinction. A full stack designer is able to master a range of skills that can be used independently to complete a design or product development.

As Mr. Phills explains his creative process…I look for innovative ways to turn intention into reality. He takes a basic concept and incorporates all the creative essentials to form a unique business design for all the interrelated elements. He produces prototypes, visual design and the front end coding. Anthony’s creativity knows no bounds. To complete his business services capabilities, Anthony has partnered with award winning Mimi Riley, founder and CEO of Roving Eye Media Group, a cause-marketing firm to produce and execute content creation, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Then there is the logistical side to Anthony. He’s designing “VAL-A” a system for planes on the ground. When a healthcare client needed structure to free up the paperwork, Anthony researched the aviation solutions and adapted it for his Social Services client. His innovation created a full business solution for practices management software and comprehensive business services for autism and special needs providers. “We take care of your back office business while you care for others!”

Anthony Phills creates an entirely new orbital path around the planet earth. His philosophy is simple ”Aim for the sun and if you land on Jupiter you’re still ahead of everyone.” Here’s Anthony’s contact information Before you connect with Anthony please take the time to hear his speech at the Los Angeles Rotary Club on September 21, 2018 at 11:30 am. Prepare to be innovated by the endless possibilities that help turn your intentions into reality.

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