LA5 Avenues of Service


Todd Johnson, Jon Gibby, Charisse Older
Executive, Strategic Planning, Finance/Audit, Club Operations, District/RI Relations, Major Projects, President's Ball


John Lockhart, Simone Liu, Patricia Forman
Membership Development, Retention, Mentoring, Approval, Rotary Information, Gateway, Associates


Penny von Kalinowski, Alan Bernstein
Annual Giving Campaign, Foundation Fellows, Paul Harris Fellows (RI Giving), Foundation Legacy, Program Sponsorships


Paul Ekstrand, Christina Moses
Roster, Club History, Public Relations/Advertising, Web site, Social Media, Photography, Programs

International Service

Matthew Ball, Steve Cooley
International Service Projects, Dinners, Youth Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholarships, World Peace Scholarship, Consul
General Day

Vocational Service

Paul Jacques
Vocational Service Month, Paul Harris Lunches, Craft Talks, Professional Development, Ethics, Sponsor Career Day, Youth Mentoring, Vocational Award Program, District Speech, Art, Music, and Ethics

Club Service

Peter Weinberger, Tuan Do
Music/Pledge/Invocation, Badge/Greeters, Registration, Golf, Hiking, Wine Tasting, Rotary Cares, Birthdayites

Community Service

Vien Le, Tim Brown
Projects, Grants Review, Children's Court, Community Needs Assessment

Youth Service

Larry Palmer
LA5 Scholarships, RotarAct @USC, InterAct @DTLA, RYLA