LA5 Scholarship Program

The scholarship program of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles "LA5" is an acclaimed cornerstone of the Club intended to support Los Angeles area high school seniors who often are the first in their families to attend college and come from households with limited financial means.  The Club is known as "LA5" because it is proud to be the fifth oldest Rotary Club of many thousands around the world.   

Each year, LA5 receives over 150 applications from some of the best and brightest high school seniors around Los Angeles and awards scholarships to just 20-25 students to assist them toward achieving a college undergraduate degree program or technical studies.  LA5 scholarship recipients have gone on to attend some of the country's most prestigious universities, including, Brown, Princeton, MIT, Harvard, UCLA, UC Berkley, Stanford, Wellesley, and USC, among others.

About the Scholarships

LA5 awards two types of scholarships to high school seniors: 1) Renewable college scholarships and 2) One-time career technical and community college scholarships. The majority of LA5 scholarships awarded are renewable college scholarship, which typically range between $1,000 to 2,000 per year, renewable annually for four years ($4,000 or $8,000 in total per student). Money awarded can be used by students however they choose. There are three categories of renewable college scholarships:

  1. Downtown Area Scholarships
  2. Los Angeles County Scholarships
  3. Randal Simmons Memorial Scholarship

Downtown-Area Scholarships

LA5 is based in downtown Los Angeles and proud to support downtown-area schools.  Endowed by the generosity of the Close, Coopersmith, Barr, Kirk, and Walch families, these scholarships are awarded to qualifying students from high schools in the downtown area, including charter schools.  Scholarships are awarded in the name of one of the endowing families.

Los Angeles County Scholarships

LA5 also supports the broader community of Los Angeles County and awards scholarships to qualifying students attending high schools within the County, including charter schools.  These scholarships include the LA5 Scholarship, the LA5 Future Rotarian Scholarship, and the LA5 Past President Scholarship.

Randal Simmons Memorial Scholarship

Each year, LA5 awards a single scholarship in the memory of Randal Simmons to a student interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, law, or a related field.  Randal Simmons was an officer with the elite Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team Unit for 20 years and the first to die in action.  Officer Simmons was an active and committed member of the Los Angeles Community.

Career Tech/Trade Tech Scholarship

In addition to the renewing college scholarships described above, LA5 is proud to award a limited number of one-time scholarships to qualifying students attending career or technical colleges or a community college program. 

About the Scholarship Process

Applicants must return completed applications to LA5 by the deadline printed on the application, which you can be downloaded from the LA5 website.  Applications will be reviewed for completeness and financial need.  Qualifying applications will then be reviewed in detail by the LA5 Scholarship Committee.  Applicants who advance after the initial Committee review will be invited to interview in person with members of the Committee.  We love to meet our scholars in person.  Interviews are typically 15 minutes and very friendly.  Because of the large number of applications received, LA5 notifies only those applicants who qualify for an in-person interview of their status.

We look forward to reviewing your application.

Gina Doyle
LA5 Scholarship Committee Co-Chair       

Joshua R. Mandell
LA5 Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

2018 Scholarship Applications

Deadline for application submission is February 2, 2018.

Resources for Students

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