Chantal Prunier

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The California Club
538 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Chantal Prunier

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Chantal Prunier has had the opportunity to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea both under Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un. The differences between the two regimes are striking and add a twist to the enormous jarring of our minds that occurs when we focus on North Korea, a country that is as enigmatic as it is fascinating – unusual to the extreme, anachronistic in many ways, extraordinarily effective and up-to-date in others. Being one of the relatively few who has been to Pyongyang and the countryside, Chantal feels privileged to be able to give an informed view into the workings and changes affecting North Korea, and into its view of the world, and in particular, of us, in America.

Chantal's goal is to show what is so different and beguiling about this opaque country. Through the pictures which she's taken and through the words which she's crafted to say alongside these pictures based on personal experience, research and feedback from professionals such as Stephen Bosworth, our former US Special Representative for North Korea policy. Chantal seeks to open up minds and bring nuance to pre-formed judgments about the people and the future of North Korea.

Join us for lunch and networking at the California Club and hear about Chantal Prunier’s journey through North Korea. Save the date June 2nd and reserve your tickets online! 


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