Letter From The President

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, recently said communities where Rotary is present are better off than communities where it is not. I am pleased to say that Rotary is not only present in Los Angeles, it is thriving. Thanks to the work and generosity of our members, homeless veterans are being helped and promising students are being given a chance at a college education.

Last year, the LA5 Foundation raised $64,000 through our club’s Fast 5 program to support our effort to address homelessness. The Foundation raised another $125,000 toward our scholarship program. But that’s not all. When you consider our local club’s support of Rotary International’s effort to end polio, our lead efforts on international projects, the annual Angel City event, our boots on the ground support of Ability First, United Way, and the LA Marathon, LA5 raised nearly half-of-a-million dollars worth of goods and services last year alone.

The Rotary Club of Los Angeles is held in high esteem for its longevity, its lasting impact upon the community, and the strength of its membership. Community leaders have sought membership in this historic club for over a century. Some have been drawn to LA5 by the opportunities to do good works and they found what they were looking for. Others joined with a desire to extend their personal network and they have been rewarded.

All, however, have been drawn to LA5 by a deep desire to be a part of something foundational—something that stands at the very heart of Los Angeles. They see in LA5 the glorious root of LA’s past as well as a community of leaders that are leaning into LA’s future.

Thanks for visiting our website. Let me invite you to join our community of leaders. I am confident that as a member of our club, you will be professionally and personally rewarded. But most importantly, the Los Angeles community will be better off if you are a part of Rotary than it would be if you are not.

Todd Johnson
2016-17 President
​Rotary Club of Los Angeles